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Configuring remote filesystem driver#


We provide two ways to access and persist files in HopsFs from a jupyter notebook:

  • hdfscontentsmanager: With hdfscontentsmanager you interact with the project datasets using the dataset api. When you start a notebook using the hdfscontentsmanager you will only see the files in the configured root path.
  • hopsfsmount: With hopsfsmount all the project datasets are available in the jupyter notebook as a local filesystem. This means you can use native Python file I/O operations (copy, move, create, open, etc.) to interact with the project datasets. When you open the jupyter notebook you will see all the project datasets.

Configuring the driver#

To configure the driver you need to have admin role and set the jupyter_remote_fs_driver to either hdfscontentsmanager or hopsfsmount. The default driver is hdfscontentsmanager.


In this guide you learned about the filesystem drivers for jupyter notebooks and how to configure them.