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Manage Services#


Hopsworks provides administrators with a view of the status/health of the cluster. This information is provided through the Services page.


Administrator account on a Hopsworks cluster.

Step 1: Check service status#

You can find the Services page by clicking on your name, in the top right corner of the navigation bar, and choosing Cluster Settings from the dropdown menu and going to the Services tab.

services page
Services page

This page give administrators an overview of which services are running on the cluster. It provides information about their status as reported by agents that monitor the status of the different Systemd units.

Columns in the services table represent machines in your cluster. Each service running on a machine will have a status running (green) or stopped (red). If a service is not installed on a machine it will have a status not installed (gray).

Step 2: Find a service#

Services are divided into groups, and you can search for a service by its name or group. You can also search for machines by their host name.


Step 3: Manage a service#

After you find the correct service you will be able to start, stop or restart it, by clicking on its status.

start services
Start, Stop and Restart a service


Stopping some services like the web server (glassfish_domain1) is not recommended. If you stop it you will have to access the machine running the service and start it with systemctl start glassfish_domain1.


In this guide you learned how to manage services in Hopsworks.