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Feature Monitoring

Feature Monitoring complements data validation capabilities by allowing you to monitor your feature data once they have been ingested into the Feature Store.

HSFS supports monitoring features on your Feature View by:

  • transparently computing statistics on the whole or a subset of feature data defined by a detection window.
  • comparing statistics against a reference window of feature data (e.g., training dataset), and configuring thresholds to identify anomalous data.
  • configuring alerts based on the statistics comparison results.

Scheduled Statistics#

After creating a Feature View in HSFS, you can setup statistics monitoring to compute statistics over one or more features on a scheduled basis. Statistics are computed on the whole or a subset of feature data (i.e., detection window) using the Feature View query.

Statistics Comparison#

In addition to scheduled statistics, you can enable the comparison of statistics against a reference subset of feature data (i.e., reference window), typically a training dataset, and define the criteria for this comparison including the statistics metric to compare and a threshold to identify anomalous values.

Feature Monitoring Guide

More information can be found in the Feature monitoring guide.