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Hopsworks On premises#

It is possible to use Hopsworks on-premises, which means that companies can run their machine learning workloads on their own hardware and infrastructure, rather than relying on a cloud provider. This can provide greater flexibility, control, and cost savings, as well as enabling companies to meet specific compliance and security requirements.

Working on-premises with Hopsworks typically involves collaboration with the Hopsworks engineering teams, as each infrastructure is unique and requires a tailored approach to deployment and configuration. The process begins with an assessment of the company's existing infrastructure and requirements, including network topology, security policies, and hardware specifications.

For further details about on-premise installations; contact us.

Minimum Requirements#

You need at least one server or virtual machine on which Hopsworks will be installed with at least the following specification:

  • Ubuntu 22.04, Centos or RHEL Linux (Version 8) supported,
  • at least 32GB RAM,
  • at least 8 CPUs,
  • 100 GB of free hard-disk space,
  • a UNIX user account with sudo privileges.