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How to deprecate a Feature Group#


To discourage the usage of specific feature groups it is possible to deprecate them. When a feature group is deprecated, user will be warned when they try to use it or use a feature view that depends on it.

In this guide you will learn how to deprecate a feature group within Hopsworks, showing examples in HSFS APIs as well as the user interface.


Before you begin this guide it is expected that there is an existing feature group in your project. You can familiarize yourself with the creation of a feature group in the user guide.

Deprecate using the HSFS APIs#

Retrieve the feature group#

To deprecate a feature group using the HSFS APIs you need to provide a Feature Group.

fg = fs.get_feature_group(name="feature_group_name", version=feature_group_version)

Deprecate Feature Group#

Feature group deprecation occurs by calling the update_deprecated method on the feature group.


Users can also un-deprecate the feature group if need be, by setting the deprecate parameter to False.


Deprecate using the UI#

You can deprecate/de-deprecate feature groups through the UI. For this, navigate to the Feature Groups section and select a feature group.

List of Feature Groups

Subsequently, make sure that the necessary feature group version is picked.

Feature Group version selection

Finally, click on the button with three vertical dots in the right corner and select Deprecate.

Deprecate Feature Group

The Feature group can be de-deprecated by selecting the Undeprecate option on a deprecated feature group.