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Apache Beam Dataflow Runner#

Connecting to the Feature Store from an Apache Beam Dataflow Runner, requires configuring the Hopsworks certificates. For this in your Beam Java application pom.xml file include following snippet:


Generating an API Key#

For instructions on how to generate an API key follow this user guide. For the Beam integration to work correctly make sure you add the following scopes to your API key:

  1. featurestore
  2. project
  3. job
  4. kafka

Connecting to the Feature Store#

You are now ready to connect to the Hopsworks Feature Store from Beam:

//Establish connection with Hopsworks.
HopsworksConnection hopsworksConnection = HopsworksConnection.builder()
  .host("my_instance")                      // DNS of your Feature Store instance
  .port(443)                                // Port to reach your Hopsworks instance, defaults to 443
  .project("my_project")                    // Name of your Hopsworks Feature Store project 
  .apiKeyValue("api_key")                   // The API key to authenticate with the feature store
  .hostnameVerification(false)              // Disable for self-signed certificates

//get feature store handle
FeatureStore fs = hopsworksConnection.getFeatureStore();

Next Steps#

For more information and how to integrate Beam feature pipeline to the Hopsworks Feature store follow the tutorial.