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Log in To Hopsworks#


Hopsworks supports different methods of authentication. Here we will look at authentication using username and password.


An account on a Hopsworks cluster.

Step 1: Log in with email and password#

After your account is validated by an administrator you can use your email and password to login.

Login with password

Step 2: Two-factor authentication#

If two-factor authentication is enabled you will be presented with a two-factor authentication window after you enter your password. Use your authenticator app (example. Google Authenticator) on your phone to get a one-time password.

One time password

Upon successful login, you will arrive at the landing page:

landing page
Landing page

In the landing page, you will find two buttons. Use these buttons to either create a demo project or a new project.


In this guide you learned how to log in to Hopsworks.