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Login Using A Third-party Identity Provider#


Hopsworks supports different methods of authentication. Here we will look at authentication using Third-party Identity Provider.


A Hopsworks cluster with OAuth authentication. See Configure OAuth2 on how to configure OAuth on your cluster.

Step 1: Log in with OAuth#

If OAuth is configured a **Login with ** button will appear in the login page. Use this button to log in to Hopsworks using your OAuth credentials.

OAuth2 login
Login with OAuth2

When logging in with OAuth for the first time Hopsworks will retrieve and save consented claims (firstname, lastname and email), about the logged in end-user.

OAuth2 consent
Give consent

After clicking on Register you will be redirected to the landing page:

landing page
Landing page

In the landing page, you will find two buttons. Use these buttons to either create a demo project or a new project.


In this guide you learned how to log in to Hopsworks using Third-party Identity Provider.