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What is Hopsworks?#

Hopsworks and its Feature Store are an open source data-intensive AI platform used for the development and operation of machine learning models at scale.

Installer - On-premise#

Follow the installation instructions.

The installation takes roughly 1-2 hrs to complete, depending on your bandwidth.

Installer - Azure CLI or GCP CLI#

Follow the installation instructions.

If you have the Azure or GCP CLI utilities installed (on a Linux machine), then the will both install Hopsworks and provision the VMs in one command.

Development and Operational ML on Hopsworks#

You can develop and run Python, Spark, and Flink applications on Hopsworks - in Jupyter notebooks, as jobs, or even notebooks as jobs. You can build production pipelines with the bundled Airflow, and even run ML training pipelines with GPUs in notebooks on Airflow. You can train models on as many GPUs as are installed in a Hopsworks cluster and easily share them among users.

Who’s behind Hopsworks?#

Hopsworks started as an open-source collaborative project at KTH University, RISE, and has more recently been taken on by Logical Clocks. Several funding bodies have helped contribute to its development including: European Commission (FP7, H2020), EIT, SSF, Vinnova and Celtic-Next.


Hopsworks is available under the AGPL-V3 license. In plain English this means that you are free to use Hopsworks and even build paid services on it, but if you modify the source code, you should also release your changes and any systems built around it as AGPL-V3.

Join the community#


We are building the most complete and modular ML platform available in the market and we count on your support to continuously improve Hopsworks. Feel free to give us suggestions, report bugs and add features to our library anytime.

We’re the best in what we do and want our community to succeed as well.
Our many thanks to the top contributors of Hopsworks!