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Services Dashboards#


The Hopsworks platform is composed of different services. Hopsworks uses Prometheus to collect health and performance metrics from the different services and Grafana to display them to the Hopsworks administrators.

In this guide you will learn how to access the Grafana dashboards to monitor the health of the cluster or to troubleshoot performance issues.


To access the services dashboards in Grafana, you need to have an administrator account on the Hopsworks cluster.

Step 1: Access Grafana#

You can access the admin page of your Hopsworks cluster by clicking on your name, in the top right corner, and choosing Cluster Settings from the dropdown menu.

You can then navigate to the Monitoring tab. The Monitoring tab gives you access to several of the observability tools that are already deployed to help you manage the health of the cluster.

monitoring tab
Monitoring tab

Click on the Grafana link to open the Grafana web application and navigate through the dashboards.

Step 2: Navigate through the dashboards#

In the Grafana web application, you can click on the Home button on the top left corner and navigate through the available dashboards.

Dashboards are organized into three folders:

  • Hops: This folder contains all the dashboards of the Hopsworks services (e.g. the web application, the file system, resource manager) as well as the dashboards of the hosts (e.g. EC2 instances, virtual machines, servers) on which the cluster is deployed.

  • RonDB: This folder contains all the dashboard related to the database. The Database dashboard contains a general overview of the RonDB cluster, while the remaining dashboards focus on specific items (e.g. thread activity, memory management, etc).

  • Kubernetes: If you have integrated Hopsworks with a Kubernetes cluster, this folder contains the dashboards to monitor the health of the Kubernetes cluster.

Grafana view
Grafana view

The default dashboards are read only and cannot be edited. Additional dashboards can be created by logging in to Grafana. You can log in into Grafana using the username and password specified in the cluster definition.


By default Hopsworks keeps metrics information only for the past 15 days. This means that, by default, you will not be able to access health and performance metrics which are older than 15 days.


In this guide you learned how to access the Grafana dashboards to monitor the health and performance of the Hopsworks services.

You can find additional documentation on Grafana itself at: