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How To Attach An Input Example#


In this guide you will learn how to attach an input example to a model. An input example is simply an instance of a valid model input. Attaching an input example to your model will give other users a better understanding of what data it expects.


Step 1: Connect to Hopsworks#

import hopsworks

project = hopsworks.login()

# get Hopsworks Model Registry handle
mr = project.get_model_registry()

Step 2: Generate an input example#

Generate an input example which corresponds to a valid input to your model. Currently we support pandas.DataFrame, pandas.Series, numpy.ndarray, list to be passed as input example.

import numpy as np

input_example = np.random.randint(0, high=256, size=784, dtype=np.uint8)

Step 3: Set input_example parameter#

Set the input_example parameter in the create_model function and call save() to attaching it to the model and register it in the registry.

model = mr.tensorflow.create_model(name="mnist",


In this guide you learned how to attach an input example to your model.