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Hopsworks Client#

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hopsworks is the python API for interacting with a Hopsworks cluster.

Getting Started On Hopsworks#

Instantiate a connection and get the project object

import hopsworks

connection = hopsworks.connection()

project = connection.get_project("my_project")

Create a new project

project = connection.create_project("my_project")

Upload data to a project

dataset_api = project.get_dataset_api()

dataset_api.upload("data.csv", "Resources")

You can find more examples on how to use the library in our hops-examples repository.


Documentation is available at Hopsworks Documentation.


For general questions about the usage of Hopsworks and the Feature Store please open a topic on Hopsworks Community.

Please report any issue using Github issue tracking.


If you would like to contribute to this library, please see the Contribution Guidelines.