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User management#

In users can be grouped into organizations to access the same resources. When a new user registers with a new organization is created. This user later on can invite other registered users to their organization so they can share access to the same clusters.

Cloud Accounts configuration is also shared among users of the same organization. So if user Alice has configured her account with her credentials, all member of her organization will automatically deploy clusters in her cloud account. Credits and cluster usage are also grouped to ease reporting.

Adding members to an organization#

Organization membership can be edited by clicking Members on the left of Dashboard page.

Organization membership
Organization membership

To add a new member to your organization add the user's email and click Add. The invited user will receive an email with the invitation.

An invited user must accept the invitation to be part of the organization. An invitation will show up in the invited member's Dashboard. In this example Alice has invited Bob to her organization, but Bob hasn't accepted the invitation yet.

Alice has sent the invitation
Accept invitation
Bob's dashboard

Sharing resources#

Once Bob has accepted the invitation he does not have to configure his account, they share the same configuration. Also, he will be able to view the same Dashboard as Alice, so he can start, stop or terminate clusters in the organization.

Alice dashboard
Alice's dashboard
Bob dashboard
Bob's dashboard

If Alice had existing clusters running and she had selected Managed user management during cluster creation, an account will be automatically created for Bob on these clusters.

Removing members from an organization#

To remove a member from your organization simply go to Members page and click the Remove button next to the user you want to remove. You will stop sharing any resource and the user will be blocked from any shared cluster.

Delete organization member
Delete organization member